Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Watty has a domestic crisis:

The kitchen sink leaks. There's a big crack running the length of it, and water now pours into the cupboard below. Which is nice. On top of which, the dishwasher isn't working properly - I think its all scaled up - and so we need to wash more things than usual. But there's a crack in the sink. *sigh* And we think the fridge leaks, too.

On top of which, I found a bottle of wine in the freezer last night. I popped it there to cool down when Paul was here on Sunday, but we had red instead, and I forgot about it. So, the cork had been neatly removed, and the wime was solid, so I went to throw it out. And then I wondered. I left it overnight to thaw (which it did perfectly) and then resealed it with the vacuum pump this morning. I don't intend to serve it to guests, but I wonder if it's at all drinkable? I shall report back. Or not, as the case may be.

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