Friday, August 02, 2002

Watty hurriedly explains:

'Me' time:

It's to do with the depression, as many things are. When I was first diagnosed (if, indeed, I ever was), I sought counselling. The counsellor convinced me that I needed to make time for myself - to go away from all the normal stuff in my life and just think. It worked. In fact, it worked to a degree I couldn't have anticipated. Since then, I have made time about once a year to go away and be me (or, in a way, be 'not-me': I do the things I never do now: walk aimlessly; hunt for second-hand books; visit things that only I am interested in...) It's a bit of a pressure valve, and I am almost able to do it now without feeling guilty about it - in fact, that's one of the things I'm most hoping to be able to do this weekend - not worry about not being at home, pulling my weight.

I may post things during the weekend; I may not - we'll see. Wish me well.

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