Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Watty's back:

I've been away. What do you mean, how could we tell? Well, anyway.

I've been to Hesketh Bank, which is the sort of place you only go when you have friends who live there. No, actually, it's perfectly pleasant and not far from Southport, which before now played a very minor part in my story (passim ad nauseam), but which now may just play a crucial role in the denouement. Watch this space. Or don't.
Anyway; unusually for this summer, we spent time basking in warm sunshine - we even went to the beach on Sunday. (Note to self - suncream on face as well as rest of pale flesh). I even paddled in the Irish Sea - not as fulfilling as swimming naked in the Irish Sea last year, but - well, they won't let you do it anyway, and there was a pale brown froth scarily similar to cappuccino froth at the water's edge. And a dead jellyfish. We trundled along Southport Pier and did all manner of holiday-type things. And then we drove home in driving rain, which was much more like the British summer we all know and love. Next up is two days at home, followed by three days of 'me' time, which I shall spend trying to visit every second-hand bookshop between Brighton and Budleigh Salterton (no, I'm not going to Multimap them - look them up yourself...)

Oh, and Dunx, if you're reading this, I will drop you a note about your recent bloggings, but I'm going to wait until I have time to do it justice.
And furthermore - nat: I'd love to Prom on Saturday, but I'll be in Winchester ( I think) - say it's not our last chance this summer...

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