Wednesday, December 04, 2002

Watty wasn't going to be here tonight:

I was going to try to watch some of the few things I've taped during the course of this year - I have a couple of Proms, A Clockwork Orange, a couple of documentaries, and there's also the Hitch Hiker's DVD... But that didn't happen. Just as the boys and I were being left to our own devices (well, me to mine, the boys to sleep), it transpired that Father Christmas was in the village. So Cameron's not going to bed, then. Sadly for him, Conor's already asleep.

I shall explain. Every year, Dunstable Round Table send a Christmas float around the village, collecting for charity. Father Christmas perches on the back, and I'm sure those really are elves doing the door-to-door.... The music was audible at 7:30, so we settled down for a short wait. Which became a longer wait. Which became an opportunity to do Cameron's new map jigsaw puzzle, and an opportunity to listen to some Christmas songs, and a chance for Cameron to watch Gary Rhodes' cookery programme (no, honestly - he wanted to watch it). Eventually, at about 9pm, the truck appears, and the elves knock at the door. I let Cameron open it, wide-eyed. He's confident enough now to actually talk to the elves, and put his money in the tin unprompted. Reward: one sticky drumstick lollipop, and a great deal of excitement. I'm a bit cynical about the 'magic of Christmas', but Cameron's not:

"Dad, that was the bestest thing I've ever seen!"

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