Thursday, April 03, 2003

Watty's all apologies:

I turn my back for a minute, and somehow a fortnight has passed. I'm still here. Today's passing thought is:

Earworms. I can't claim to have invented the term, and I forget who it was, but I am plagued with these most days. You overhear something on the radio, or someone whistles a merry tune, and there it is - firmly fixed inside your head for the rest of the day. For a while it was children's television themes, from watching 'The Hoobs' or some such before breakfast; just today I realised that hearing a siren causes me to hum 'Fireman Sam' for several hours. If someone mentions a shark, I get 'Mack the Knife' for days afterwards. The only known remedy is something loud enough to drown it out. Trouble is, then you start humming that.... Still, better than no music at all, I suppose.

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