Wednesday, April 03, 2002

Watty muses:

Film music. Actually, specific music in specific films, but...

Over the last week I have three times been struck by music in films - specifically, films aimed at children; which has led to the hopeful conclusion that all may not be lost in the morass of manufactured pop which is forcefed to our tinies these days.

Last week, while listening to the perfectly pleasant classical selection at King, I suddenly realised I was hearing Bugs Bunny sining Wagner. They were playing - entirely reasonably, in my opinion - the soundtrack to What's Opera, Doc? in which Bugs and Elmer Fudd sing the complete works of Richard Wagner in 3 minutes flat. I was uplifted by this supreme silliness, and reminded of the thankless and awesome task of musicianship carried out by the session musicians in classic cartoons. Many a small child (yours truly included) has been exposed unwittingly to much intricate and clever music through this medium. Next time you see a Tom & Jerry, have a listen to the score - it's very often quite staggering...
On Friday, we settled down with the boys to watch the live action 101 Dalmatians. Quite apart from enjoying Glenn Close's shameless overacting, I was bowled over by the sountrack - proper musicians playing proper music, written to fit the action in a careful and thoughtful manner. Most unexpected, and most welcome.
And then on Monday, we all watched Babe. I could live without seeing that again, to be frank - cloying doesn't really do the sentimentality justice - but I was deeply impressed my the many and varied uses which Saint-Saëns' third symphony was put to. You know, the one which goes "If I had words..." (must find out who put lyrics to it) (does Google seach - apparently Scott Fitzgerald - not that one, I think...) Anyway.

Depression Index:
Pretty good, today; all told - not much of a fun day, but all dealt with rather swan-like. I am pleased with myself. Zoë is going out tomorrow night (to see Gosford Park, boo - wanna see it...) so I will make myself write another chapter; it's long overdue, and I'm pretty sure I'm unblocked now.

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