Monday, April 22, 2002

Watty says:

Wow, look at me - I'm a commuter...

Spending the week in London, learning how to administer SQL Server 2000, which I'm sure we'll get round to buying one of these days. Pretty relaxed so far * famous last words*

Very pleasant weekend, overall, and I'm still feeling good; and still off the caffeine. Will see how a week of being crammed into trains will help things.

So, there's a branch of Waterstone's across the road, and of course I went in there and got mugged. Mind you, two books for ten quid isn't bad at all - I refuse to pay full price for a book now.
Hm? Which books? Oh, Neil Gaiman's American Gods - It says on the front: "As good as Stephen King, or your money back": I think I might be insulted by this, if I were Mr. Gaiman. Which I'm not.; and a Fi Glover travel book, which I picked up, read the first page of, and had to stop for fear of laughing out loud. More later.

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