Monday, April 29, 2002

Watty says:

Ah, normality.... I missed commuting this morning; the car journey is much less interesting, and I can't get any reading done (I read an entire medium-sized novel last week - must get round to reviewing it.) Overwhelmed by dozens of minor issues which got left for my return, as expected, but generally things are quite calm.

A quick recap: Thursday lunchtime I tore round the Circle to St James' Park - very nice it was, too - I ate my lunch under summer skies - and I made it back in time, to my slight surprise. Friday was the end of summer - cold and very, very wet - good thing, too - I was getting all too comfortable with the whole commuting thing. Friday also saw the publication of the Proms Guide. Summer is here. I could quite happily take the whole 7 weeks off, and buy a season ticket. Realistically, I'll try to squeeze in as many as is practical during my holidays; I'll take a select handful of early finishes (Martha Argerich, for example; having only seen her on TV last year; Mahler 1 / Ives; This whole day (can I last a whole day again?); there's so much.) and I'll be seriously tempted to get digital TV, because a quarter of the programme is being shown on BBC4. But star billing goes to:

This. It's a Sunday; it's the last day of my holiday; it's Mahler 8; It's Rattle doing Mahler 8 for the very first time; it's pretty much everything you could wish for. I'll be there. All day, if necessary. Who cares if it's a digital organ; it'll still be magnificent. Oh, there's loads of stuff I want to see this year...

Off to Lux in the morning; prepare for some hanging-around-airports-bored posts.

Oh, and :
Depression Index:
Haven't been thinking about it, which says it all, really. Yesterday felt a bit flat, though - probably due to extreme tiredness more than anything else...

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