Wednesday, April 24, 2002

Watty says:

Still summer. Well, it feels like it. Took my lunch (pasta salad, pesto & parmesan, since you ask) for a walk today. I can report that the Millennium Bridge does not wobble - there is a slight footstep vibration caued by the stainless steel footway, but nothing more. It's not the most spectacular walk, North to South - all you can really see is Tate Modern - but the payoff comes at the end, when the design forces you back under the footway, and as you turn, you get the most spectacular view of St Paul's. Ate lunch on the lawn at Tate Modern, poked around in the bookshop for all of 2 minutes, walked back across Blackfriars Bridge. Beats my usual lunch-at-my-desk setup. On the way back, I tried to find the outfall of the Fleet River, but to no avail - I suspect it's entirely underwater.

Ah, well, SQL Server beckons...

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