Tuesday, September 17, 2002


Godspeed You Black Emperor! I'm not even sure that people like me are allowed to like this kind of thing: anarchist free-form 'noise terror' groups from Canada really shouldn't be my cup of tea at all - but here it is, and while it may provoke a rather mundane memory, it might equally provoke someone to go and check it out...

Oh, and it's not 'noise terror' at all - like a lot of 'modern' classical music, it just takes a lot of listening to - you need to concentrate and think about what you're hearing. Eventually, it all falls into place. Well, it did for me - one night, driving to Leeds in dreadful weather, I had 'Raise yr skinny fists like antennas to heaven' on to keep me awake and alert - I slowly recognised that I was being taken over by a strange and surreal soundscape. I felt almost as if I was inhabiting the music, rather than listening to it. I listened to the whole, sprawling, thing twice through,and nearly forgot to stop for petrol, so possessed was I. The nights are drawing in again, it may be time to break this out again.

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