Monday, September 09, 2002

Watty does the maths:

30 more working days to my birthday (I'm really not going to get these done during the weekends - I tried, but...); 36 more memories to fit in. Better double some up, then:


Deep Purple: Burn. (I told you these were random). A quick memory, this. This was the first 'serious' album I owned, in 1974. I didn't really know much about them, except that they were de rigeur among the boys in my year, and I really ought to fit in. It wasn't quite what I expected - I didn't know about them having replaced lead singers; it would be another year or so before I was reading the weekly music press - but it made an immediate impact; loud and seemingly designed to irritate one's parents, it was also perfect for those air guitar moments (ah, the innocence of youth...). One Sunday afternoon, I put it on to accompany my homework, and my father, passing the door, commented "Fascinatin' Rhythm". And, do you know, he was right...

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