Tuesday, September 03, 2002

Watty says:

So, I updated this last night - or at least, I tried to, but Blogger was broken, and my not-very-interesting post about why I haven't been posting went the way of all mortal flesh. Ah, well.

Further to the Proms stuff below, I submitted the review to the BBC Proms website, and they awrded me 'Review of the week', which is very satisfying, and means that Zoë and I will be sitting down at Friday's prom, courtesy of the BBC. I really ought to try and get some more writing published. Strike that; I really ought to try and get some more writing done.

I had this vague thought about doing a little bit more of the Old Folks story, but I really ought to finish the other one first... It's not writer's block, it really isn't - I am just so tired in the evenings at the moment. I wrote a paragraph or so last week, and it was pure, unadulterated, rubbish. Pah. And there's so much work to get through at the moment... Oh, well. At least I managed to post something in here...

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