Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Watty complains:

Urgh. Now I understand why people complain about the railways. I've now had a couple of unpleasant journeys home, two out of eight is not encouraging. We weren't late today, just horribly - probably dangerously - overcrowded, owing to the 8-carriage train being replaced by a 4-carriage one. I feel obliged to mention two curiosities about my journey, which probably only appeal to my strange brain. Both are to do with the layout of Euston's many underground platforms.
I arrive every morning at Euston, and plunge below ground (incidentally, the flood of suburban commuters crosses the outflow of underground commuters at 90o - staggeringly good planning. Not.) After I negotiate the ticket barriers, I have two choices for the short trip to King's Cross, where I get on the Thameslink service: I can go Southbound on the Northern, or Northbound on the Victoria. Both go directly between the two stations, but, naturally, the Victoria trains are almost deserted, since they are heading out of the city. I'm not sure (i.e. I can't be bothered checking) that this is the only place where this is possible. Also, thanks to some particularly labyrinthine design some way below ground there is a short stretch of pedestrian tunnel which I traverse in the same direction at both ends of the day. This I find most disconcerting. OK, I'll go to bed now.

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