Friday, May 17, 2002

Watty is not really awake yet:

Driving Zoë's car today - so that I can get it cleaned before her dad arrives on Sunday (and there's a whole box of frogs I'd rather not go into, thanks). Grrr. Manual transmission (oh, OK; that's not so bad) and a radio with a mind of it's own. I do not wish to listen to BBC Three Counties Radio, thanks (yes, it's as bad as it sounds). Whatever happened to those big, chunky, comforting dials which stayed where you put them? Ah, well - I did manage a small amount of Danny Baker this morning - not as hysterically funny as yesterday; but you have to heap praise on an organisation which places it's flagship programme in the hands of a radio genius who is by no means to everyone's taste, and who turns up each morning 3 minutes before going on air with the attitude: "What shall we do today, then?"

I just came through the Blogger front page, as you do - how often I am distracted by a likely sounding blog in the 'recently updated' list, and find myself wandering through someone else's life entirely at random. If you're a random visitor here, I'd love to know how you got here, and why. Well, to work. I wonder if I can get Compaq HP to talk to me today. I'd quite like to buy 7 servers from them; I wonder if they'd like the business?

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