Friday, May 31, 2002

Watty says:

Somehow, it's the end of May. Not quite sure how that happened; still; even the English weather seems to think it's nearly summer - for today, at least. So, I'll spend today clearing out the computer room in preparation for our new rack of blade servers (oh, don't bother with the link. It's just a bunch of computers.), which arrive, with any luck, next week. I've never bought 7 servers in one go before - it's been quite exciting, really *yawns*

Ahem. So, we went to see Attack of the Clones. I enjoyed the experience of going to the cinema rather more than I enjoyed the film, really. All the things you've heard about it are true; it could safely be an hour shorter, and still get the plot across (in fact, that's the skill of film-making, isn't it?), and the thing which annoyed me most were the lengthy "Look, kids; it's just like a computer game" action sequences - I felt that we should have had a game controller to help Padme through the production line - Jump! Now! Oooh, that was close. Now, inch her to the left, and hold down both buttons. Now! Oh, well done - hang on, there's another machine coming...

Then Conor and I took Zoë's dad to Bletchley Park on Sunday, and despite the rain, much amusement was had. Each time we go there, it seems to have grown and improved a little more; one day, I'll find time to see it all in one visit. Highly recommended, if you like that sort of thing.

It's a four day weekend, thanks to the fact that there is apparently something highly significant about the passage of 18,260 or so days since King George VI died. Ah, well; it's probably something to tell the great-grandchildren about. There may be posts in here, there may not. TIme will tell - we're going to a surprise birthday party tonight; we have babysitters tomorrow; we're going to the zoo on Sunday; it's probably going to rain Monday and Tuesday. Ah, well - we'll think of something to do.
Work. Must do some work.

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