Monday, March 11, 2002


I make that nearly 33 hours without coffee now - no visible effects as yet; I well remember the tremors and headaches last time - but then I was going cold turkey. Just psyching myself up for firstly changing into training gear in the office (I used to do it, but then I used to be thinner) and then undertaking a whole hour of punishing exercise. I did a class a couple of weeks ago, and was startled to find out how much I both enjoyed and missed it. I shall listen to my newly-acquired Sibelius Violin Concerto in the car on the way there - not sure if that will help or hinder the preparations.

Bit of a nothing day, today - spent a long time fiddling with SQL and not really getting anywhere with Query - I should be able to give it a bit more attention tomorrow; at least that's the theory. Mind you, I'll be giving blood tomorrow, so I may be unable to tackle anything later on. Ah, well, here goes my unfit persona...

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