Thursday, March 07, 2002

Watty says:

So, here I am, alone again (or) in the office at stupid o'clock, and where do my thoughts turn? To caffeine, naturally. The most obvious sign of success in beating my depression was when I cut out the caffeine. Well, cut down, anyway - cutting it out altogether was next to impossible. So now I have one cup of coffee a day, and try to avoid caffeine-infested products like colas and (ulp) chocolate.

But the problem was - I miss regular hot drinks; particularly at this time of year. I've considered a number of options, none of which seemed to make any difference; then I was introduced to the world of fruit infusions (not flavoured teas - tea is no better than coffee for caffeine content) and I'm converted - a lemon one in the morning; perhaps apple or blueberry before lunch; and even grapefruit in the afternoon. Very pleasant, and free from all those damaging chemicals.
But here's the rub - I can't shake off this one cup of coffee in the mornings. I crave it, and I don't feel that the day has started without it. But I'm going to try (writing it down here makes it more likely to happen, or something). So - as from Monday; one week of no caffeine at all (as far as possible - let's see what happens) Tune in next week, folks - there is a slender chance that it might get interesting...

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