Friday, March 15, 2002

Watty says:


This muse is a tricky bugger. I have my first inspiration in ages; I spend the whole evening writing, churning out the prose like nobody's business. I even think it's quite good in a light-hearted parodic kind of a way, and then the usual thing happens:

I need someone to read it; I go to post it on my webspace, and link to it from the MC sites (since it is, after all, about those guys) and:

We're sorry, the FTP service is temporarily unavailable. Temproarily? TEMPORARILY?? What - two hours? ten days? a year? Nope. Just 'temporarily'. It's still not there this morning, and I can't access it from work, and I need someone to read the damn thing (I feel an essay on the nature of writing coming on: clearly I'm not just doing this to amuse myself; I appear to have a craving to be read...)

I know, I'll send it to Néa - she'll understand; it's not like she has work to do or anything *looks up at the ceiling, whistling nonchalantly*...

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